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Managing in the middle of the (shutdown) storm- A tribute to federal employees

Managing in the middle of the (shutdown) storm- A tribute to federal employees

This post is a tribute to our federal colleagues who are currently out of work due to the government shutdown. You provide essential services that only government can provide—you put food on the table for hungry children, spur new scientific discoveries, provide access to health care to those who can’t get it any other way, defend us from those who wish to do us harm, and educate our children to create a better tomorrow. Your job is hard, often thankless, and now your paycheck is unreliable.

Through our work at GovProcure, we meet with folks like you everyday. Our job gives us an amazing opportunity to talk with the best and brightest in the federal government and to see first-hand how much you care about your job, doing your very best, and safeguarding taxpayer dollars. True, there are headlines when things go wrong, but those are the rare exceptions, not the rule.

Indeed, our company was an outgrowth of this same commitment to the public space. I was once a federal employee myself, and was so committed to improving the way government worked that I developed software to greatly improve federal contracting activities. Agencies are filled with people just like me, who deserve our respect and have no problem whatsoever with working hard and being accountable.

I worry about the future of government and the message this shutdown sends. It is hard to imagine a recent graduate wanting to come to work for the federal government right now. But I can guarantee that people will still respond to the public calling, try their hardest to overlook the current mess and find the places where they can help the most. That is the indefatigable nature of our public servants and we can all learn a thing or two from them right now.

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