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Have any evaluations coming up?

Have any evaluations coming up?

Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and of course, government contracting.

As we move into the heart of the procurement season, many of you are busy developing new procurements and will be managing evaluations as the proposals come in.

The evaluation phase brings with it a whole new set of pressures:

  • Selecting your evaluators
  • Making sure your evaluators understand their responsibilities
  • Hoping that everyone follows the rules and doesn’t derail your procurement
  • Managing all the emails, phone calls, forms, paperwork, evaluation reports and meetings necessary to get to source selection
  • Conducting debriefings
  • Responding to protests should they arise

And did I mention, you have other work to do!

All of this can be enough to make your head spin, or at least cause a few sleepless nights.

At GovProcure, we have an evaluation tool to help you manage your evaluations with ease and increased compliance.  We can relieve some of the pressure and let you focus on your actual work, rather than spending time managing evaluators and paper.

GovProcure’s Evaluation Management Module allows you to:

  • Create evaluation forms and templates
  • Electronically store proposals and push them to your evaluators
  • Conduct your evaluations electronically
  • Track the progress of every one of your evaluators in real time
  • View and print evaluations
  • Send and receive automatic alerts when things are due or overdue
  • Increase compliance through built-in workflows

And if you are protested, all of your information can be provided to the reviewers with the push of a button.

With GovProcure, this could be your best proposal season ever!  If you’d like to see a demonstration of our Evaluation Management capabilities, just let us know.

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Smaller TheresaTheresa Wilson is CEO of GovProcure, and designer of the first contract management cloud software for federal CORs, evaluators, and managers. To find out more about how GovProcure can help your organization, please call (571) 389-7284 or email Theresa at

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  1. This is an amazing tool. I am learning how to utilize it.

    • Thanks Cheryl! We’d love to talk with you further if you have any questions about our software or how we can help you. We appreciate your feedback!


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